Quaker has long been known for delivering innovative solutions to industry problems.  In the mid-1970’s, QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol esters offered a cost effective alternative to phosphate ester fluids.  These early polyol ester fluids have evolved into the current QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series fluids.  QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 and QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 are now industrial standards that offer performance advantages over other polyol esters and are recognized by pump manufacturers around the world for quality and dependability.  Quaker’s Fluid Power product line offers innovative technology in the following market segments:

From longwall mining to die casting to steel rolling, there is a QUINTOLUBRIC® fluid designed to meet your specific needs. For more information on Quaker's other products and services, please visit quakerchem.com.

QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol ester fluids are typically compatible with other HFD-U type fluids with similar chemistries as well as mineral oils. Due to the diversity of currently available HFD-type fluids, we recommend that compatibility testing be performed for every major fluid change over. QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol ester fluids are not miscible with water and not compatible with water-based fluids. Please consult your local Quaker representative before mixing any polyol ester fluid.


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Quaker Chemical’s Fire-Resistant Water Glycol Hydraulic Fluid
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