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HFC-Water Glycols

HFC or water glycol fluids are the most widely used fire resistant hydraulic fluids because of their price-quality and their combination of fire resistant properties with reasonable lubrication performance.

Quaker markets HFC fluids (QUINTOLUBRIC® 702 Series) that are globally available and give outstanding performance in fire resistance and lubrication. 


Product Name




702-46 RD

Premium water glycol hydraulic fluid. Offers excellent lubrication and fire resistance.

Tech Data Quintolubric 702-46 RD


ISO 6743/4 specifies HFC fluids as:

  • Aqueous monomer and/or polymer (polyglycol) solutions: Water content greater than 35% by weight.
  • HFC-E: Fluids are a new type of fire resistant hydraulic fluids containing 20% water instead of 35% or more water by weight.  This type of fluid combines the good fire resistant properties of HFC fluids with the lubrication performance normally associated with anhydrous fluids.  HFC-E fluids are ideal for use in hydraulic systems designed for HFC fluids where end users are looking for a higher level of lubrication performance.