Industry Expertise


Our aluminum rolling expertise and high-performance fluids deliver solutions for every process in your mill. Our rolling oils and lubricants are formulated to be compatible with downstream processes, so you’ll achieve the most productive, cost-effective transitions possible as your product moves from casting to coil.

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Quaker offers fire-resistant hydraulic fluids to applications in the automotive and off road industries, where high temperatures and open flames or red-hot metal parts, from the stamping of body panels and to the machining of engine components.


Years of working closely with the Bearing Industry and Machine Tool Manufacturers have given us the experience to custom-engineer a solution for your operation that can optimize production and efficiency. Inside every operation you undertake, we’ll be there making sure it’s handled professionally.

Die Casting

We provide comprehensive die casting product offerings for aluminum, magnesium and zinc casting operations, we don’t stop there. For die casters performing machining, Quaker can be a valuable partner in further reducing your costs and improving your operations by providing high-performing cutting fluids and customized support services in downstream operations.

General Manufacturing

For decades, Quaker’s metalworking fluids and insights have been assisting production of intricate metal components, critical automotive parts, heavy equipment machinery, precision aerospace pieces and critical bearings.


A leader in hydraulic fluid technology, Quaker products have been engineered to protect while delivering value. Quaker serves the marine and off shore markets with a range of water-based hydraulic fluids, biodegradable hydraulic fluids and fire resistant hydraulic fluids for marine applications.


Tackling process problems often starts in a single mine, but it takes a collaborative approach — with input from experts around the world — to reap meaningful, long-term benefits. This is especially true today, as most coal mining companies operate globally. They’re looking for solutions they can apply anywhere – and in many different situations and conditions.

Pit and Quarry

One of the most continuous and costly activities for pits and quarries is dust-suppression; it impacts operational efficiency, impairs visibility and increases accident risk. Local communities have put pressure on companies to improve methods of dust-suppression and regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have mandated that facilities minimize or mitigate the production of dust in their operations.

Power Generation

More than merely a supplier, Quaker, is a knowledge-based company with information and service resources on which customers can rely. Quaker partners with OEMs and other in developing products for applications, and offers products for a wide variety of applications. Quaker’s Quintolubric anhydrous synthetic (HFD-U type) hydraulic fluids are used in EHC systems on a global basis. Quintolubric 888 Series fluids offer exceptional thermal stability and are recommended by various steam turbine OEMs.


With over 70 years of experience in steel, we have a broad portfolio of products and services, making us the global leader in steel rolling lubrication. In fluid power, our QUINTOLUBRIC® fire-resistant, biodegradable hydraulic fluids are the standard for primary metals plants, and serve a range of other industries where performance, fire resistance and environmental safety are major concerns.

Tube and Pipe

Today’s tube and pipe producer faces multiple challenges: increasing competition, higher demands for quality and tougher environmental regulations. Working with Quaker Chemical, manufacturers worldwide can succeed in meeting marketplace goals while ensuring each demand is being handled the right way.


Quaker can provide you with a Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid that has proven performance in several Tunnel Bore Machines worldwide. The fluid is endorsed by the large Tunnel Bore Machine manufacturers around the world and is specially designed to operate under very demanding conditions at high pressures and high temperatures.

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