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Bridger requires their longwall hydraulic fluid to provide high performance characteristics that comply not only with O.E.M. warranty requirements, but also their own high quality standards. They wanted a longwall fluid to:

  • Keep their systems problem free
  • Keep roof supports and pumps trouble free
  • Reduce solenoid valve  replacements

Quaker proposed using QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01 in their systems and providing engineering support for their mixing system to meet the required performance standards and reduce maintenance requirements.



Since selecting QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01 Bridger Coal has achieved the following:

  • No valve or other hydraulic problems on Bucyrus Longwall, Hauhinco pumps and other related equipment
  • Elimination of solenoid sticking and other hydraulic failures
  • Reduced solenoid valve replacement since installation
  • Less than 12 solenoid valves needed to be replaced since QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01 was put into service
  • Replacements were due to electrical malfunctions and not problems with QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01

Quaker also provided an engineering solution for Bridger’s mixing system, which was producing low mix ratios. Quaker was able to identify and fix the problem. Even at low mix concentrations, QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01 did not separate, scum or show signs of bacterial growth.


View the Full Case Study Here

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