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An automotive parts manufacturer was looking to replace the water glycol (HFC) fire-resistant hydraulic fluids being used to operate their die casting equipment. The fluid being used:

  • Had the typical lubricating properties of water glycol fluids
  • Had unacceptable pump wear and pump lifetime

To help improve operations, the manufacturer tested QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 polyol ester (HFD) fluids as a potential replacement.



  • QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 is a synthetic fluid that can be used in equipment designed for traditional mineral oil fluids and provides better performance than fluids containing water
  • In addition to fire-resistance, QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 provides excellent biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity, making it ideal for use where better environment protection is required
  • QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 is unique in the industry because the exact same product is available worldwide. Out performs competitive products in fluid life and consistent performance
  • Quaker is recognized as the leader in HFD-U fluids by major builders and end users around the world. • Approved by FM Global as a less hazardous hydraulic fluid


View the Full Case Study Here

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