Pit and Quarry

We Go Deeper. So You Can Do More.

The right fluids are just the beginning. When it comes to improving your overall business – and getting the most from your employees and resources – you need the expertise of a proven leader with over 500 years combined experience of industrial service. Quaker provides process expertise and customized support services at the local level, for everything from mine development, to crushers and conveyor systems, to loading the rail cars and beyond.

By using Quaker’s fire-resistant hydraulic fluids supported by worldwide research, you will see a maximum return in productivity for both processes and employees – and that means profitability and success for your business. From the highly trained team behind our unique management services, to our field staff of process engineers, there’s always someone from Quaker available to support you when using our products. Innovative product offerings include:

These product lines can be applied to the following applications in the pit and quarry industry:

  • Crushers and conveyor systems
  • Rail cars
  • Stockpiles
  • Unpaved haul roads
  • Screening operations and embankments

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